Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rant: I Want To Hear From You

Ok, as I've been struggling recently with keeping up the daily postings, I'm going to be scaling it all down a bit. Nothing major, I'm just going to be posting on the week days: Monday through Friday. The Monthly posts of 'Albums Listened To' and 'Everything I Didn't Review' will still be posted on the first and second of each month, regardless of the actual days, but for the rest of it, I'm sticking to five days a week. It's just been getting increasingly and increasingly difficult to keep it up. My writing quality hasn't been the same, I'm rushing articles and finding shortcuts to take to get the posting done. I'd prefer a better product opposed to a more frequent one, as (I would hope) you do too.

So that's my part, now here's the part I want to hear from you. First I want to know what you like/don't like about The Guide. Second, if you would like to see more of something, some segment (videos, retrospectives, reviews, etc), or have an idea new segment I'd love to hear it. I like my new additions of 'Weekly Dose of Prog,' 'All In The Family,' and 'Bands I Should Like, But Don't' but I'm never sure if you all do as well.

I also have a growing bin of submitted music and bands to listen through. I have not been ignoring any group or artists... I just haven't been going though it all nearly as fast as I would like. I'm going to try to amend that, by taking one day every other week (usually I'm off Fridays) and dedicate my time to the viewer submissions. On that note, if you have an album/band that you would like me to hear, email me at As I said, I'll try to spend more time dedicated to the truly underground.

Also, I've said this before, but I'll do it again, I am looking for help. Email me if you'd like to begin writing for The Guide, even a once a week or every other week submission would be greatly appreciated! Hell, if I get enough that I can bring back the seven days of posts I will! Or if you'd like to claim the weekends for yourself be my guest.

I'm leaving this up for the weekend, and I would like a comment or two for ideas or likes/dislikes. I know I have some daily (or almost daily) readers, and you're the people I'd love to hear from. The randoms that pop in for one article or two aren't my biggest focus. So please, drop me a line or comment, and let me know what you'd like to see on The Klepto's Guide To Awesome Music.


Rob Liz said...

I feel ya. I've actually minimized my postings for the weekend just because it was getting to be a daily grind. I do regular features on Saturday and if something comes up I think is important I'll post it and Sunday is pretty much nothing.

This is a hobby and I don't want it to become a job.

Assaf Vestin said...

I like all these features you do (retrospectives etc). Fun read. Don't have any ideas for anything else right now...

With regard to posting frequency, in my case, I do it when I have time, desire or I find something I like so much I have to share it right away.

The Klepto said...

Thanks to you both, Rob Liz and Avestin. I appreciate your responses.
I used to post whenever I felt like it, and I averaged about twice a week. I like the daily posts, but it was getting too much. This 5 days thing is working well, I have enough time to get ahead and still listen to what I want to, not what I feel I have to.
I was also thinking about doing more weekly segments, but I struggle to remember to do the one I have. I think 1 is enough at this point. I may add more when I get used to the idea of a schedule