Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nothing Really To Report

Sorry guys about the lack of updates, I have not forgotten about you. It's just that I have nothing really to say. I'm not listening to too much new music, and what I do hear is just random bands and random artists. No trends, no retrospectives (although I did listen to the entire Korn discography). no concerts. It's been a dull month.

I'm going to try and get something posted. I have a couple of half-finished articles I could work on, but honestly, I am so burnt out on life and work that I really don't ever have the want to do anything.

Those of you who frequent Angry Chairs know that I have been active there, but only because those posts take a max time of 10 min (a lot longer if you count the uploading, but usually I watch a movie or am at work when that is all going down). So I have not been slacking on my duties here for that blog! Although if you have the time check it out.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Video: Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier"

Joining the groups of people and pages posting this video. I've only heard it once, but the song itself is pretty decent. I'd like this video more if they would have edited the sound effects once the song actually started, but oh well. I'll deff have to support the greats when this album finally comes out. Actually buying a album (first sense the CD store by me closed) will be highly warranted. Iron Maiden is still a band I want to see before I (or more likely, they) die. I am now accepting tickets from fans!

The Final Frontier - Director's Cut

Iron Maiden | MySpace Music Videos

Monday, July 5, 2010

MC Chris, MC Lars, Math The Band Live

Ok, so it's been a couple of weeks, but this is one of the first chances I've had (and felt like) to write about my experience seeing MC Chris live, for the 9th time I believe, this time with the nerdcore great MC Lars, and the indie-experimental-synth band Math The Band.

First, the venue: Once again we were at The Social, here in Orlando. I've been to the social a bunch of times - mostly to see MC Chris - so I knew what I was getting into. We got there a hour before the doors opened, because the venue is small and we wanted the front row on the higher level (like 3 feet higher then the floor). That gives us a great view, and we get a railing to lean against and put our beers on. As I said, we've been there a bunch, so we are experts on the ways of The Social. As a little side remark, we almost got into a fight with a guy in a wheelchair. Actually the guy (I call his 'wheels') was cool, it was his friends and one random really drunk guy that were being pricks about the whole thing. Long story, just thought I'd add that taste for flavor.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Web Radio: New Normal Music

So yesterday I found the launch page for this 'new' form of web radio, New Normal Music. It was launched last night/this morning at midnight, so I haven't had a lot of time to listen to it, but it seems like a neat idea.
Apparently, from what the intro page says, its a radio station dedicated to truly new music; that is music that has been released within the past 12 months. It actually says that there will be no Sublime, U2, Blink-182, or Red Hot Chili Peppers played.... although I suppose if these bands released an album within the past year (read: U2) then they might apply, but who knows. As I said this thing has been going on for less then 24 hours.
They are opening their website by playing 50,000 songs in a row, after that it doesn't mention. They also make a big deal about being able to call in requests from anywhere in the world. I don't know how efficient that may be, but it's kind of a nifty idea. Of course, you would have to know if the song you want is 12 months old or not, and I assume they don't have a limitless collection, but still kind of cool.
So far, from what I've heard played, it seems to be based towards the alternative and indie crowds. A lot of Beatle-esq sounding bands, or otherwise light and fluffy music. So not really my scene, but in 50,000 the styles might change. I'm going to be checking in to see how it goes over the next few days. So for the next 100+ days (50k songs at 4 minutes a song come to over 138 days) check out the flow of the newest web radio (even though it says it isn't radio) station out there: New Normal Music.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Albums Listened To In June (58)

I have moved a lot closer to work, my 45 minute drive each way has been trimmed to 10. Thus, my play counts have suffered. The first two weeks would have horrible numbers (three or four) but I went on a road trip during each of those weeks, and my playlist for the trips saved the weeks. Week 3 was the moving week, so I had a bunch of packing and un-packing music to enjoy, but once again in week 4 music fell to the wayside. I saw MC Chris and MC Lars in concert, and then decided to listen to their music, which is the only reason I had as many as I did.
There was almost nothing new played, with only a little over half a dozen new albums heard. So there is no real point to break down my likes and dislikes for the month. That being said I would like to give some special notice to Amplifier, who I am working on an article for, and for Snailface, a new stoner band that you can download for free off their website. Both were bright points in the month.
If these low numbers continue, I may switch back to the old way of organizing these lists.