Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Writing For Angry Chairs!

For a long time I have been a reader and, um... an 'acquirer' of another blog called Angry Chairs. It is another site dedicated to the spreading of music... under questionable legality means, of which has benefited my collection immensely.
But regardless to all that I have been picked from several potentials to join their little project, and I have accepted. So head over there to check out what music I have to add to the already immense collection they have.
This shouldn't affect the postings on this site... seeing as they are already pretty sketchy. I have two 90% done articles cued up. Just got to hit that last 10%, which is taking forever.

Anyway, keep reading and mozey over to Angry Chairs for some more of The Klepto

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

40,000 Listens!

Ok, so I'm a little late. My plan was to write about my 40,000th play, according to last.fm. Whatever song it was, whatever band it was. Unfortunately, I didn't think to look at my last.fm until today, where upon I saw that I was already at 40,470 listens. But still, that's pretty good right? Over 40,000 songs in a little over 4 years (joined last.fm on April 25, 2006 - it keeps count, not me). So I am averaging 10,000 songs a year, or 27.3972 songs a day. Let me say that again, I am AVERAGING over 27 SONGS A DAY!!! That is insane when you think about it. Lets average the number of songs on an album to 15 (I know there is a huge variance, with doom and progressive bands only having 4 songs and punk and thrash bands in upwards of 20. But 15 is what I chose so lets go with it). That means that every day for the past four years I have listened to just about 2 complete albums - this by itself not to extraordinary (hell I'm currently on my fourth for the day) - but for a year or two there I was not listening to nearly as much music as I am now. I'd like to say that out of the 40,000 songs, at least 30,000 of them were within the past two years; and a larger chunk of that group was been from when I began this blog (or right before). That, my friends, is crazy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Layout

Just started messing with the new Blogger editor that they've just released. Things might change a bit more in the next few weeks as I tinker. My favorite part of the new scheme is that I can edit the width of the actual posts, which makes them seem a lot less scrunched. The down side to this is that all of my old posts look really tiny (from the front page), as I was planning my posts around this small style. Now I can fit more in the way of pictures, videos and content. We'll see what fun I can get into.

Keep Rockin!
- The Klepto -

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Pyro is Back! - 30 Seconds to Mars

Hello all faithful readers.  After a brief interlude of laziness, I am back to post some entries.   I live in NYC and now that I have a good 2+ hour transit to AND from my place of dwelling to my place of work, I have enough time to post blogs.  Anyway, back to the good stuff:
30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie (Special Edition)

First off, this band is amazing.   This album is amazing.  There was not one track that I didn't enjoy.  You know how there are some albums where all the songs are good save for one? **Coughcoughbeatleswhitealbumcough**  Not this one.  Each song tells a story, and to me.....It's more than song.  They don't conform to the usual format: Intro-Chorus-Verse 1-Chorus-Verse 2-Chorus-Chorus-Done......No sir.  Like I said, nearly each song tells a story, and if you listen to them. Like ACTUALLY listen to them; you'll understand.   Another thing that I think is just fantastic about 30StM is Jared Leto's voice.  It's chilling and strikes you to your core.   And it's not so much how he sounds but the passion he puts into the music.  You can feel it.  That's how powerful it is.   There isn't much more I can say about this band/album. I'd be beating a dead horse into the ground

Rating: 4.8/5     Album - GET IT NOW!!  GET OFF THIS COMPUTER (save the site) AND GO GET THIS ALBUM!!!

Video: Goatmill "I'm On A Boat"

Another humorous video I found online. I like how all of my video posts are getting away from legitimate songs and moving towards whatever random crap I can paste together. Oh well, it makes me laugh.

This installment of my video collection is a death metal cover of "I'm On A Boat" done by Goatmill, featuring Evil Genius, originally done by the SNL skit group The Lonely Island. Now, I don't know anything about Goatmill or Evil Genius - not liking death metal -  but this is still a clever idea, and a not too bad song.

Eventually I'll get back to some real videos on here, but to be fair, I don't hear too much good new music coming out, and nothing that shows off an amazing video. If you know of something I'm missing let me know!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Albums Listened To May (69)

Well this month was musically interesting. It stared with high hopes - finishing the Elton John kick I was previously on - but ended kind of lacklusterly. This was another month of not too much new music listened to, instead opting for classics or just an album I haven't heard from in a while. More nostalgia then exploratory I guess...
And for some reason, at around week 2, I got really fed up with listening to an artist for a full album - both for new music and for albums I know and love. I don't know why, but the thought of listening to a full 10 tracks (or whatever) of the same music was beyond my reach. So it's been mostly random playlists of the best of the best, instead of the normal collection of albums. This trend has continued into week 1 of June, I wonder how long it will keep up.