Monday, June 7, 2010

The Pyro is Back! - 30 Seconds to Mars

Hello all faithful readers.  After a brief interlude of laziness, I am back to post some entries.   I live in NYC and now that I have a good 2+ hour transit to AND from my place of dwelling to my place of work, I have enough time to post blogs.  Anyway, back to the good stuff:
30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie (Special Edition)

First off, this band is amazing.   This album is amazing.  There was not one track that I didn't enjoy.  You know how there are some albums where all the songs are good save for one? **Coughcoughbeatleswhitealbumcough**  Not this one.  Each song tells a story, and to me.....It's more than song.  They don't conform to the usual format: Intro-Chorus-Verse 1-Chorus-Verse 2-Chorus-Chorus-Done......No sir.  Like I said, nearly each song tells a story, and if you listen to them. Like ACTUALLY listen to them; you'll understand.   Another thing that I think is just fantastic about 30StM is Jared Leto's voice.  It's chilling and strikes you to your core.   And it's not so much how he sounds but the passion he puts into the music.  You can feel it.  That's how powerful it is.   There isn't much more I can say about this band/album. I'd be beating a dead horse into the ground

Rating: 4.8/5     Album - GET IT NOW!!  GET OFF THIS COMPUTER (save the site) AND GO GET THIS ALBUM!!!

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