Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nothing Really To Report

Sorry guys about the lack of updates, I have not forgotten about you. It's just that I have nothing really to say. I'm not listening to too much new music, and what I do hear is just random bands and random artists. No trends, no retrospectives (although I did listen to the entire Korn discography). no concerts. It's been a dull month.

I'm going to try and get something posted. I have a couple of half-finished articles I could work on, but honestly, I am so burnt out on life and work that I really don't ever have the want to do anything.

Those of you who frequent Angry Chairs know that I have been active there, but only because those posts take a max time of 10 min (a lot longer if you count the uploading, but usually I watch a movie or am at work when that is all going down). So I have not been slacking on my duties here for that blog! Although if you have the time check it out.


Tony Maim said...

Hey, nice blog - I followed a link from A. Chairs.

I like the varied posts - AC tends to get 'very metal" so good to read about different stuff.

The Klepto said...

Thanks Tony, I like to mix it up. It's really whatever I'm in the mood for. And I've been trying to diversify AC for just that reason

Tony Maim said...

Well, it seems to have worked! There is a much better mix there now.

I listen to stuff all day and simply post the album that has grabbed my attention!

DPTH International said...

Hey Klepto,

Thanks for swinging by my blog. I kinda lost my groove and motivation for a while. I will be getting back to some serious posting shortly.

I have to get my review of Tran-Siberian Orchestra's "Night Castle" out. I meant to do that ages ago!

I've been keeping up on my blog reading though!