Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Artist: Edward Rizo - Soundscapes Volume One

**DISCLAIMER: This is a album review of ambient music.***

Hard to see, but there is album art
A good friend of mine, Edward Rizo, composed this album.  This album is way different than anything else on this blog and a lot of this review is going to be more opinionated than previous reviews - and after listening to it, you'll hear why.

The album opens with the track aptly named "Chasms".  It was correctly named.  When I head this I had the feeling/visions of flying over and through canyons, and of course other Chasms. I feel that this track and the second track are more of  two halves - two movements to the same piece.  Hypothermia builds off of that "soaring" feeling - but as the title says, it provokes a cold feeling.

Track 5 "Pressurization" is just an awesome track.  I can foresee this track in a movie, right when the antagonist is berating the protagonist, right until the hero can't take it any more and bursts into a rage of fury.

Some of the tracks invoke a very ethereal-type feeling.  Track 8 in particular "Consummate" - Seems as if it could be in a Stephen King movie.  The way the that the chords are constructed in this track ....It's almost Creepy

All in all this is at least an interesting album to listen to - just to get out of the "Heavy Metal" genre if that's what you're interested in.  Personally, since there are no lyrics and this is ambient music, I like to turn this on while I'm studying, just for the background music.

Tracks are available for listening and free downloads here.

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