Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Album: Red Fang - Murder The Mountains

In preparation for this article I re-listened to Red Fang's debut, finding a surprising newfound love for the disc. Hoping to follow that I look towards their 2011 release (as well as a kick-ass video), Murder The Mountains.

Right off the bat, Murder The Mountains is much more groove-oriented then it's predecessor. The numerous songs that utilize the heavy bass and drums combo are my favorite by far. I've noticed that there is a huge difference of my appreciation for these songs if the bass is featured or not. The opening handful; "Malverde," "Wires," and "Hank Is Dead," are above average tracks because of this. The following triad of tracks; "Dirt Wizard," "Throw Up," and "Painted Parade," all lose this feel, and thereby are weaker songs in my opinion.

There are more songs that follow this back-and-forth, pretty much the whole album actually (except being paired in doubles for the last four tracks). But it's all stoner metal in some regard. Well, I suppose that's not 100% true as the penultimate track, "The Undertow," is straight up stoner/doom. It's hard for me to decide whether or not if I like the track, it has some high points and some low. I like the doom aspect, but the music is kind of low-caliber, and it ends really abruptly, but knowing me, upon another listen I'm sure I'll be swayed over to liking the song quite a bit.

I see the same problem with this album as I did with Red Fang's debut. where the songs initially strike me as sort of dull and un-inspired. Don't get me wrong, there are some really great songs here, but for the most part it leaves me wanting more. I find this conflicting as my initial take on is way different then how I fell about the album now, a few listens in. I don't know what it was that changed about that record, but I hope the same thing happens with Murder The Mountains. I'm going to have to come back to this one in a month or two and try it on again, and with any luck history will repeat itself. This release is much more of a solid effort - at least initially - then their debut, but I want more. I am trying to really like Red Fang, but right now we're only acquaintances, I want to be best friends. Only time will tell.

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