Sunday, March 13, 2011

Video: SweetKiss Momma - "Fix My Hair"

Ok, I know my 'no posts on weekends' barely lasted a week, but I have to keep posting. So Sundays are now dedicated to new (or old) videos. It's simple and easy, and it keeps the music movin'.

SweetKiss Momma, after my review of their debut album, sent me this video to share with the masses. It's a new song, not on the album, and it shows a bit of a different direction for the band - or at least an evolution. It still has the southern influences, but "Fix My Hair" is way more bluesy then most off of Revival Rock, coming off more Allman Brothers then anything else. I like it.

The video is live, and the vocals are kind of garbled, but it still is great quality for a gig vid. I had to laugh at the guitar the guy was playing, it looks like a banjo, except with a license plate for a front. Kind of neat, enjoy.

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Chuck said...

It's called a box guitar. ;)

The Guy Who Shot the Video

p.s. Thanks for sharing it with the masses! :)