Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Everything I Didn't Review In February

Once again, here is the month-long list of everything I didn't have a chance to review in the month of February. Unfortunately this month has either been dominated by older albums that I have re-visited or everything new that I've heard I have reviewed already. This month is not anywhere near as impressive as January was, and it may not be that way for a while (probably until I dedicate another month to nothing but new music).

Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
Keeping in the vein of the folk kick I've been on, Mumford & Sons melds folk rock with a jam-band feel. Andrew Clayton told me about this group/album, saying it was folk but a bit eclectic like System of A Down. I was intrigued but I have to disagree with that statement, it sounds to me like a folk mix of Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer. The songs from Sigh No More seemed to follow the same progression throughout the album, starting with a sole voice and a guitar and by the end has evolved into a powerful full-band sound. It's sweet except it happened in pretty much every song. Andrew Clayton said he was going to review the album - again, he's better at folk then I am - so he will be able to put a more cohesive spin on it 

Sea of Zyn - ... In the Key of Sinners
This one was a bit odd. Sea of Zyn play stoner/crossover, and by that I mean there is the general stoner sound, but it's laced with other styles of music ranging from industrial to post/atmospheric. If it hadn't been pushed at The Sludge Swamp, I never would have even tried ...In The Key of Sinners - it's album artwork looks like they play death or black metal, but this is a stoner album to be sure. I'm glad I did give it a chance, as there is some good stuff here. I'd suggest it to anyone who would like a little bit of experimental blended in with the same ol', same ol' stoner sound.


Solace Discography (13, A.D., The Black Black (EP), Further)
The first really 'new' music that I heard this month, Solace is pretty amazing. I loved their newest record, A.D., as well as all of their LPs. I didn't much care for the EP The Black Black, but their other full-lengths, 13 and Further, more then make up for it. I don't know why I took so long to hear these guys - for some reason I thought they were a thrash act - but I'm sorry I did. They will definitely be one of the bands that I will throw on when I don't want to hear something new (hey those moods happen).

This is a small article and kind of crap. I can't help that I've been on top of my game recently... either that or I've been strolling down memory lane. Whatever.

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