Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Band: Hugenelk

What initially attracted me to Hugenelk was either one of two things, I haven't decided yet; either the band name (I thought it was Huge Elk, but Hugenelk still is neat) and the album artwork, it's big, bold, bright and beautiful. It's a mighty elk, with muscles pumping and veins pulsating, chasing or at the very least scaring the shit out of a whole menagerie of furried beasts; demonic looking rabbits and lizards and... kuthulu, and imps and shit. Hell I don't know what it all is, but it's kind of funny and really well done.

Anyway, the music, the reason you all care. If only the band could equal the impressive album art, then the picture would be perfect. As it is however, they play a very average blend of stoner rock and metal. If you're a die-hard fan of the genre, as in it's all you ever care to listen to, then you may enjoy hearing more of the same. The guitars off of their debut have a bit of groove, the drums are kind of bouncing, the vocals are clean but contain that hint of scratch that most stoner acts have. It's all been done, and it's all very average.

Some songs are a little more on the rock side, some on the metal. There is the groove song, the sort of funky song, the blues-themed one, and the rock 'n roll one. Hugenelk hits all of the notes and masters every chord, but it just isn't enough. They are missing some key element, some extra pizazz that would bring them to the next level. I don't hear it.

There were a couple of high-points, namely the songs "Take It Easy, Daggermind" and "Treehead Woodfist" with "Wynden Hoouuurse" being a distant third. I found myself grooving along periodically to some of the melodies, and I think I may have even bobbed my head once or twice - that's a good sign right? These songs almost rose to the challenge of going above and beyond and becoming memorable... almost.

I really wanted this to be a good review, I really did. I think if you have a cool name and cool album artwork, then you will automatically have cool music. Apparently, this is not always the case. Hugenelk is an average stoner band, and without something popping in their sound or style that is all they ever will be. Their debut is not a bad record, just kind of dull with no surprises or real excitement. Sorry fellas.

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