Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Month of December

Ok, I quick little article; this is what is going on in December: I have started to amass my '10 Best of 2010' and I've come to the discovery that out of the 270 albums (including EPs) I have for 2010, of which I have listened to about 2/3 of, there are 23 albums (AKA 19 hours of music) that I want to listen to before I fell I can adequately dissect the current year. These are all of the bigger named bands, and most of them are solidly in the metal bracket - the stand outs being Weezer and Jefferson Colby, I like their shit - and several have been out for damn near a full year already, so you'll see some older stuff pop up.
I am going to attempt to write a review for each of these albums, good or bad. Some will probably be pretty short, as I am trying to mash these albums in before the 20th, for that is when I'll begin the '10 Best of 2010.' Because of this, and because of the '10 Best of 2010' articles (10 of them for 10 days), and I have something else planned to bring in the new year, this month will be epic - far grander then anything yet seen on The Klepto's Guide To Awesome Music. I hope I can finish it, 23 albums in a few days is a lot, but the '10 Best of 2010' will happen, as will my as-yet-secret series of posts that will be posted hand-in-hand with them.

Here is the list of 23 artists that I am attempting to finish this month, keep in mind it might never happen: Accept, Agalloch, Annihilator, Barn Burner, Danzig, Earthride, Electric Wizard, Ghost, The Grand Astoria, Grand Magus, Grave Digger, High on Fire, Jefferson Colby, Meat Loaf, Place of Skulls, Rob Zombie, Serj Tankian, Sloath, The Sword, Ufomammut, Weezer (2 albums), and Wino. I think this is a good representation of all that is metal.

Stay tuned, tell your friends, I want to make it above the 2k mark for visits this month!

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