Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taste of Thrash: Municipal Waste - Waste 'Em All

This is the album that, for some reason, I have really wanted to listen to again, recently. One of their songs ("Death Prank") popped up on a random mix CD I made some years ago, and sense that encounter, I've wanted more from Municipal Waste.

While Carnivore was an in-your-face style of thrash (see 'Taste of Thrash' from last week for more), Municipal Waste's particular style - at least for Waste 'Em All, I haven't listened to much more of their albums - is ten times that. They call this their first full-length, but at fifteen minutes long I'm not sure if that description qualifies. Also of note, there are fifteen tracks. Yes, that means that the average track length is one minute long, the longest being 1:52 and the shortest only coming in at eleven seconds (the aforementioned "Death Prank"), which makes this album a roller coaster ride of a listening experience.

It's impossible to choose favorite tracks, mostly due to their short length. There just isn't enough time to even comprehend what you're listening to before it's done for the most part. I like to think of it as one long-ish song, with fifteen movements. Every song is pretty much the same style, and if you were to take out the breaks between tracks and the occasional sound clip of some movie, it could easily be one cohesive sounding thought.

Municipal Waste's debut, Waste 'Em All, is an uppercut to the cerebellum, and honestly I don't know what the fuck is going on for most of it. Whether it's an LP or EP is up for debate, but they did pack a hell of a lot in a short amount of time, that has to count for something. If you've never had your brain pounded in by this album, and you like thrash (I have to repeat: you LIKE thrash), then you are missing out on something somewhat legendary. It's a semi-modern band (Waste 'Em All came out in 2003) playing an older style of thrash, like some of the greats out there.

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