Saturday, April 2, 2011

EP Shakedown: Spiders - Spiders

I started these EP Shakedowns as a hope for a simple and short article for the weekends, something that wouldn't take a lot of time to bang out, so I can get a break in every now and then, and you all aren't left out in the cold. For the past few sessions of this segment, the articles have been long and getting longer, which is obviously the opposite of what I wanted. So this is going to be a return to form that never existed - short and sweet.

I was initially surprised when the first notes of Spiders' debut EP came out of my speakers, this was a woman singing! There is nothing bad about it, especially with the skill showed off here, but even in the 2010s a female vocalist in rock is a semi-oddity. I know I shouldn't have been startled, her pic is on the album artwork, but apparently I don't pay that much attention to this sort of thing. Her voice isn't the best thing I've ever heard, coming off a bit like Janis Joplin - the power is there but it's lacking on the range - but she is well aware of her abilities and sticks with what she knows.

Spiders, as a whole act, play some semi-blues themed stoner rock. It's easy on the heavy guitars or drums, using a retro-feeling style of swapping focus. By that I mean that for one segment the vocals are the main point, with the guitars playing a simple rhythm behind it, then the voice cuts out and the guitars begin a quick solo, before both come back together for a climactic section. It all flows very nicely.

The EP is short and quick, but does a great job of showing off the band. Spiders isn't breaking any new ground with this, but what they do offer is enjoyable and easily listenable. If you like stoner rock and wouldn't mind a hint of blues (and I mean a hint) then be on the look out for Spiders eventual debut album.

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