Friday, April 29, 2011

So Mike Mangini Is Dream Theater's New Drummer

I don't do a lot of current events and news here, with my feeling that I'll never have enough time to maintain anything long term, and honestly you can all that from either Shy Guy Assassin or Metal Insider (among others) if you truly want... like I do. But because I love Dream Theater and have already commented on the whole Dream Theater minus Mike Portnoy thing, I feel inclined to comment on this latest development.

After attempting to tie people in with a documentary, showing the drum-offs if you will, the fellas of Dream Theater have officially announced (finally) that their new drummer/percussionist will be Mike Mangini. Now, I didn't follow the documentary at all, and I only kept in the loop sparingly, but this bit of news grabs my attention. Mr. Mangini has worked with several acts previously; Steve Vai, Extreme, Annihilator, and James LaBrie's solo effort, among others, so you know he has the basic ability (Annihilator's Set The World On Fire is one of my favorite albums by the group). On top of that he was, at one time, the holder of five of the World's Fastest Drummer records, including Fastest Matched Grip, Fastest Barehands, Fastest Traditional Grip, and Fastest Single Stroke Foot (2 different records), so you know the man has speed.

With this history, especially with James LaBrie, there is little wonder of why he was picked for the band. My fear is that he may not have the progressive chops that a band as developed as Dream Theater requires. Nothing in his history really is heavy on the progressive side, and while that isn't a full tell on his ability, I know that the group puts out some amazingly complex music. Can Mike Mangini keep up? Only time will tell.

All nit-picking aside, I wish Mike Mangini the best of luck, and I look forward to what this new incarnation of Dream Theater has to offer.

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