Monday, January 3, 2011

Melvins To Play Every Friday In January

According to, the legendary sludge act (the) Melvins will be playing a weekly show, every Friday of January. Each week they will be playing a different set of albums, in their entirety.

The playlist as I know it:

January 7:  Colossus of Destiny, Lysol and Eggnog
January 14: Most of their 1983 line-up will be present (King Buzzo, Dale Crover and Mike Dillard–Crover will most likely be playing bass).  Houdini
January 21: Melvins “Lite” line-up featuring only Buzzo and Crover; Bullhead
January 28: Full line-up; Stoner Witch

So if you happen to be living in Los Angeles, or are near enough to travel there (or want to cough out some dough), stop by Club Spaceland and hear the legends perform!

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