Saturday, January 22, 2011

Current Trend: New Music

I know it's been a while sense I've written a Current Trend, but honestly now that I'm reviewing so much music (keep those submissions coming:, it's hard to go on full-swing trends of what I want to listen to. I've got some prog on my future, and I've recently acquired quite a bit of doom, so those two beasts may be rearing their heads here soon, but I doubt it'll be enough for a full-blown trend. Listening to nothing but new music (to my ears) is what I've been doing, and seeing as it's the best I can do, it is my most recent Current Trend.

In January every single album I have heard has been 100% brand new to me. The genres are all over; stoner (mostly), doom, NWOBHM, alternative rock, progressive metal, folk, psychedelic, sludge, instrumental, post-metal, glam/hair metal, and even a bit of comedy music mixed in. There will most likely several more genres added before February, as the month is only a bit past half over, and the entire list will be up for your viewing pleasure at the end of this one.
I would like to say there is some underlying theme to it all, but it's just as eclectic as my tastes. Most of the albums are making it into a review of some kind (currently of the thirty-nine albums in the list (so far) over twenty are included), and already a few are probably going to be contenders for my end of the year 'Best of' lists.

So far the stand-outs are the Place of Skulls, Grand Magus and JPT Scare Band (see Retrospective) discographies. Also albums of note are Sons of The North (see Review) by Black Spiders, A Child In The Mirror (see Review) by Ciccada, The King Is Dead (review upcoming) by The Decemberists, Green & Wood's self-titled (see Review), and the Turisas single, their cover of "Supernaut" by Black Sabbath.
Of course they all can't be winners; The 1-10's (see Review) was a bit dull as was Run Thick In The Night by U.S. Christmas (see Review), Elder's self-titled (see Review) left more to be desired, and Cake's new Showroom of Compassion just didn't do it for me like I had hoped. Thankfully these letdowns are few and far between, and actually I'm surprised there has been this many so close together.

Well as you can see, I have been very busy, and as such haven't had time to listen to what I truly would like to (The Decemberists and Cake made that cut). Because of this, there are no real trends happening, and I am left to wonder if it is time to put this article category into retirement. At least until I win the lottery and have the free time to do nothing but what I want. Until then, I guess I'll have to lay this bad boy to rest for a while. But that's the price I pay for becoming famous and making the big bucks (anyone want to pay me?).

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