Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Awesome Websites: Stoner Rock Ohio

Another awesome website for you lot. Stoner Rock Ohio is a website that was brought to my attention by both Heavy Planet and Captain Beyond Zen, and they specialize in bringing blogs from the metal/stoner/doom community directly to their fans. They don't do much in the act of writing material, instead they collect material from other established blogs and file them into an easy-to-read format. With a quick flick of the eye you can peruse the latest seven posts for ten music sites - and a little Suicide Girls for you chick hookup - including Heavy Planet, Captain Beyond Zen, The Soda Shop, The Obelisk, Blabbermouth, Planet Fuzz, The Sludge Swamp, Doommantia, and of course, yours truly, The Klepto's Guide.
On top of this mighty collection of music researchers and writers (I'm sure they will be adding more) they have mini-reviews (called Miniviews) with, what I'm guessing to be, local artists (Ohio based). Also included is a ton of resources for Ohio-based bands, and bands in general, from CraigsList postings about musicians wanted and the like to general reviews from blogs about guitars, basses and tabulateure. It's a one-stop-shop for musicians from the Ohio area, and also a great place for those world-wide.
I look forward to seeing this project grow with renown and connections. And I think every state should have a website like this, and hell major metropolitan areas should as well, to spread the knowledge of like minded groups, to combine people who were ment to jam together, to get the fucking word out. Stoner Rock Ohio, trailblazers, trend setters, the future.

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