Sunday, June 12, 2011

Video: Tyr "Hold The Heathen Hammer High"

In response to Tyr's latest release, The Lay of Thrym, I have been working my way through their past five albums. I'm really looking forward to their newest album, but this run-through just reminds me of how much I enjoy this band. All of their albums are of a certain amazing quality - aside from Land that is, but most of the album isn't in English so it's not fair for me to really judge - which was culminated by 2009's By The Light Of The Northern Star, my favorite yet. If this year's can get anywhere close to that masterpiece, I'll be amazed and overjoyed.

With that in mind, here is the video for one of my favorite songs off of By The Light Of The Northern Star, "Hold The Heathen Hammer High." Along with "By The Sword In My Hand" this song is filled with amazing imagery and, of course, musicianship.

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