Saturday, June 4, 2011

EP Shakedown: Big Jesus - Big Jesus

Ok, I'm not feeling too hot, so short and sweet are what's in store.

Big Jesus is a stoner/alternative/post-grunge act from Las Vegas, of all places. Their debut EP (follow the link for the free download) is a combination of rock n' roll stoner and the post-grunge style that made Alice In Chains famous. The opener, "Ribs," is a nice bout of the former, while keeping in a down-tuned and darker feel. And actually the second track, "Hairteeth," could easily have been found on an Alice In Chains album, or as a tribute at the very least. It sounds straight from the 90s and that is nothing if not a good thing.

The other two songs are a bit of a different story. "Black Flies" seems to bridge the gap of stoner and post-grunge, coming off much more alternative metal in sound and structure. The last song of the EP, "Apecave," is a mix of ambient guitar pick-work as a background, and grinding drums and guitar chords in the fore. There are no real lyrics to speak of, instead there is a bit of a whining that matches the pitches of the picked guitar.

Big Jesus caught my eye because of the name - come on, it's Big Jesus, who wouldn't want to see that? - but I am pleasantly satisfied with what I hear coming from the group. It's not truly amazing, nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done, and it does it well.

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