Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Album: Across Tundras - Sage

Another day, I'm still tired, but not nearly as much as yesterday and so I feel I can take on a bigger project then a four-song EP.

Across Tundras is a band that I'm relatively new to; I've heard Old World Wanderer, their 2010 release, but other then that, not much. I do know they are a stoner/doom band, and I seem to recall enjoying what I heard, so I'm listening to Sage with almost virgin ears. We should all be so lucky.

Sage has one thing going for it, the songs seem to last forever. This is both a blessing and a curse; for the good songs it is amazing, some songs have a good section within, but it is drowned out by the endlessness of the song. I'd say there were no average or so-so songs, but this seemingly-infinite style tends to get a bit boring. Again, the songs that are good - good all the way through - are amazing, the chugging rhythm of "Buried Arrows," for example, is amazing, and when the tempo picks up and the southern-style of music kicks in, it turns even more so.

I found, as I got further and further through the record, that I like Across Tundras' doom more then their stoner. Their songs that spend most of the time chugging a repeating drum and bass tune with the light guitar-work over it were my favorites. I just like good doom, it seems. Besides the aforementioned "Buried Arrows," "Hijo de Desierto," "Tchulu Junction," and their immensely impressive "Mean Season Movin' On" are all amazing standouts. The others, while enjoyable as a whole album, just seemed to get lost a bit on their way from beginning to end. My head wasn't bobbing along, my foot not tapping, I just wasn't as much into them.

I found myself really enjoying this album, making me want to go through Across Tundras's earlier albums. If they are anything like Sage then I'd be more then happy. On this album, even the lesser songs were delectable. If your 'bad' songs are better then many other band's good songs, that's saying something.

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