Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video: AC/DC "She's Got The Jack" (2 Versions)

[200th post!!]

After my rant about the differences between the two versions of AC/DC's "She's Got The Jack" and the pros and cons of each, I've decided to put both of the songs up here for you to decide.
The original High Voltage version doesn't have a music video with it, they just never made one. But after searching through YouTube for a bit, and seeing more then one version that was nothing but pics, I found one that was appealing. It's the song over a music video by The White Stripes. The video is of a girl dancing on a block and then a pole, so it doesn't match up perfectly, but it's something. The bad thing is that the video doesn't cover the entire song, trailing off after two minutes or so. So you don't get the whole picture, but it's better then nothing (or just staring at the album artwork for 4 minutes).
The new, Live '92, version is from their DVD, Live At Donnington, from 1991. It's an actual vid, and it's pretty easy to understand the vocals (a rarity for Brian Johnson to be sure).

So as I said, decide amongst yourselves, the best version/era of AC/DC!

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