Saturday, September 25, 2010

Awesome Websites: Bandcamp

Recently, while looking for a bands information I kept coming up to this parent site called It happened with Cloudkicker and Enos, when I tried to get their album artwork. It was here that I learned that I could download (for free and legal) these group's entire discographies! I was intrigued. When I went to the host site's mainpage, I watched the intro video and it sent me (because I found the music cool) to The American Drag - that first song, "Enemy's God" is damn good - and that convinced me of the amazingness of bandcamp.
Apparently is a kind of hosting site for new/up-and-coming/whomever bands, its a way for them to display their music for free (for them) and also gives the option to distribute their music for free or charge for downloads. The charge system is pretty cool too, the band can either charge a flat rate, for song or album, or they can have a 'pay what you feel' mode set up, or even blend the two ideas, with a starting rate, but fans can opt to pay more if they wish. Cloudkicker and Enos are both offering up their music for free/donations (Enos has a comic book for free download too, kind of neat) while The American Drag is charging $1 per song.
After doing a bit more research I have found out that while it is free to host, listen or distribute the music, bandcamp takes 15% of all of the band's sales (on purchases under $100 - from dedicated fans), unless they make over $5,000 in a year then it drops to 10%. This is a little different then what is originally advertised, but a band would make loads less for a big record company, and bandcamp is hosting all of the web traffic and server fees for free... it's an even trade I feel.
On any of the bands' bandcamp site, you can stream all the songs and look at album artwork (some have different artwork for each song) or at various visualizer effects. Don't worry, these aren't the same visualizers we've had since 1993, these are new and updated for the 10s of the new millennium.
If you would like to hear new music from (mostly) underground bands then take a gander through I was scrolling through it a bit, but all of the interesting bands were charging, and I don't pay for music I know I'm going to love so I'm not going to pay for something I might hate. I wish I had the money to throw these bands some much needed cash, but as we all are - I'm a degree of poor. One day my friends, one day

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