Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Homework

So I will be headed home on Wednesday for the Holiday and back to my life in Orlando on Sunday. This whole time I will be away from a decent computer and my extensive library. How will I cope? By giving myself homework. Because I will be away from my lair, I won't be able to update this site for about a week. But, when I get back I intend to have some new articles prepared:

With the release of the new Guns N' Roses album (which I have obtained), I will be listening to their entire discography (beginning back when there was a soul in the band) from the first album/ep, Gn'R Lies (which, although their second album, is actually a reprint of their two first ep's together), to their cover album, "The Spaghetti Incident". After this retrospective, I will review their newest album, flaws (or greatness, I don't pre-judge) and all.

I also am playing around with the ideas of paying homage to two of my rising stars in power metal; Kiuas and Dream Evil. I almost always listen to them back-to-back so it seems fitting to write them in the same fashion.

And because I will not be on campus at all this week, I cannot hit-up the CD shop, for my "New Album of The Week" bit, so I will have to find a substitute around my parent's place. I really don't want to go to a conglomerate such as Best Buy, but I don't know of any smaller places around. I'll have to have some of my old friends help me out.

So that is my self-applied homework for this upcoming week. Let's see if I actually get around to doing any of it. I really want to do the "GNR: Retrospective" stuff. So I will prob do that first.
I have some free time tomorrow between a job interview and work, and a little free time Wednesday morning before I leave, so I will try to get one more article up. I'd hate to leave for a week and just have this up...


Antonio said...

If you're a Dream Evil fan I recommend picking up the new live/unreleased cd/dvd combo that was released a couple weeks back. Dream Evil play pretty damn well live, proving their Metal credentials and earning a spot in the Book of Heavy Metal.

The Klepto said...

I have been trying to find that. The only albums I have by them are "Evilized" (which is great) and "Dragonslayer". I need the "Gold Metal In Metal" (their live one) and their albums "United" and "The Book of Heavy Metal." If you know of a place...

Anonymous said...

This was not the GnR album I was expecting. But it's still good. It's a completely different sound for them. It's not that balls-to-the-wall rock n roll that made them famous, so in that sense, the album is a letdown.
But the new sound isn't bad. It's very keyboard and orchestra-driven but still keeps a rock edge. The musicianship is good. Buckethead is a great guitarist and Axl's vocals sound just the same as they always did.
There really aren't any "epic" songs on Chinese Democracy. "Sorry" is a good song and "There was a Time" boasts the best guitar solo on the album (my opinion). The title track is very nu-metal sounding. Again, this new sound isn't bad...but it's just not what fans expect from a GnR album.