Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Epic Playlist: A

So here we are, the beginning of my playlist of epic proportions. I am breaking it up, because well that's alot of time devoted to one post (285 songs and still fine-tuning). So I will be breaking it up by letters, don't worry there isn't going to be 27 posts (A-Z and numbers), but there are alot of bands that fall under "A." After the first few letters I can begin combining sections (apparently there are more good bands at the beginning of the alphabet - remember that people! If you want to be big, name your band with a letter from the first half of the alphabet).

It is of note that this list is compiled from all genres. While it is exceedingly Rock/Metal, there is a nice mix including Folk, Pop, Soul, and even Rap. I have very eclectic tastes...

[EDIT] - So I've decided that just listing the songs was too easy, so I am going to start putting some details about each of the songs, for those who have never heard of the song/band.

  1. AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - All about a man advertising his services for whatever you need. The tag line for the ad "Dirty deeds done dirt cheap."
  2. Accept - Balls To The Wall - The world is not as it should be, and when they come for you, you'll have your "balls to the wall." Classic Accept song, their biggest hit
  3. Acid Bath - Scream of The Butterfly - A beautiful girl who kills someone, possibly without her realizing it. This song is different than alot of Acid Bath songs, it is much more reserved and although the lyrics are about death and drugs, the musical tune sounds quite beautiful.
  4. Adema - The Way You Like It - A man telling his (ex?)girlfriend that she had kept him down, but now he is famous and he doesn't need her anymore. I just like the chanting in the background and the chorus.
  5. Airbourne - Diamond In The Rough - A very crass euphemism for the vagina. It's about a poor guy hooking up with a "rich man's daughter." I laugh every time at the chorus.
  6. Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play - Just a simple song about people needing to figure out what they are doing with their life. A classic Prog-rock song from The Alan Parsons Project.
  7. Alcatrazz - Jet To Jet - About traveling to Africa during the slave trade. A few of the lyrics seem kind of questionable, but once you get the theme they are acceptable. This is prog-metal great Yngwie Malmsteen's first band, a short lived project.
  8. Alestorm - Captain Morgan's Revenge - Awesome pirate metal about a crew who mutinied against their Captain and were stuck with a curse where they could feel no pleasure. While it seems like a direct copy of "Pirates of the Caribbean," it still is a great pirate metal song, with awesome lyrics and music.
  9. Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen - Simple song about a man just turning 18 and he is not sure if he is an adult or still a child.
  10. The Allman Brothers - Jessica - Instrumental, not about anything but still a great play-out with the several guitars switching the main melody.
  11. Amorphis - The Way - I really don't know what the song is about... A death metal band with a doom metal song. For their album "Tuonela" Amorphis went in a new direction, to the dismay of many fans. But it is my favorite album by them.
  12. Andrew W.K. - Ready To Die - Pretty much self-explanatory
  13. The Animals - House of The Rising Sun - A song of woe and warning about staying away from "the house of the rising sun." A classic
  14. Annihilator - Warbird - Heavy thrash song about war. Awesome drum beginning and I love the 30 second scream at the very end of the song
  15. Aretha Franklin - Think - Classic R&B song (I know it from The Blues Brothers) about a woman singing to her man that he has to think about what he is doing.
  16. Audioslave -Doesn't Remind Me - I think its about a guy who is trying not to remember an ex, everything he sees "doesn't remind me of anything." Its a nice slow-ditty with a casual guitar and drum beat. Nice and chill
  17. Austrian Death Machine - I Am A Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over Metal Endoskeleton - Thrash metal song about the Terminator movie. The title is from a line in the movie and comes up alot. Its a funny real fast song, and although Austrian Death Machine is a spoof band, it still is a great metal song
  18. Autograph - Turn Up The Radio - Radio classic. There is a great song on the radio so turn it up.
  19. Ayreon - The Decision Tree (We're Alive) - A group of travelers and warriors that must choose on amongst them to die. The focus is between The Barbarian and The Highlander and their boasts of their life. Another prog-metal song, this is also quite light, and taken out of context from the whole album (concept album) you would be very confused. So listen to the entire album.


Mike said...

Good playlist. I would have switched Airbourne's "Diamond in the Rough" to their other hit, "Too much, too young, too fast"...but that's just me.

The Klepto said...

Ya Mike they had a lot of good songs of their debut album. It's just they fall into the Crux of bands like AC/DC, KISS, and ZZ Top, where alot of their songs sound very very similar. If you like one of their songs you will like them all, but if you want something different, look somewhere else.