Monday, November 17, 2008

Led Zeppelin on Tour - Sort Of...

So, if only to keep up with the myriad of other articles on the net, Led Zeppelin is going on tour... sort of. It seems that Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham (original drummer John Bonham's son) are going to go on tour (with a yet-unnamed lead singer) - but not as Led Zeppelin.
Instead a representitive for Page told Rolling Stone "Whatever this is, it is not Led Zeppelin. Not without the involvement of Robert Plant."
Plant, who has just finished a tour with Alison Krauss, has repeatedly said that he is not interested in a Led Zeppelin reunion, stating "The whole idea of being on a cavalcade of merciless repetition is not what it's all about." Jones later said; "We really want to do something, and Robert doesn't want to do this, at least for the moment. He really doesn't want to make loud music anymore. We do."
As stated they are currently holding auditions for a new singer, for this yet-to-be-named group. Some names that have applied include Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge). While both of these seemed to have gone awry, the fact is that eventually they will find someone which will lead to something. Whether it be just a tour, or competely new album/music.

Although it would be sweet to see the classic Zepp in full (if somewhat old) fury, I know that the ticket prices for this tour (with or witout Robert Plant) will be way out of my afordable range. So as far as the new band is concerned, I hope they release some new albums. Something that I could actually hear. I don't want to be some message board in a year and hear that I missed some of the best new songs ever, and never actually get a chance to hear them. Best of luck to the guys, but I want some new material, not the same old Led Zeppelin stuff we have all been listening to (some of us for our entire life).

Check out The Rock Dose, where I originally heard this news. And also my review of a Jimmy Page side project I found, Cloverdale/Page.

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