Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Band: The Answer

Yet again I am re-using information from another blog. But most sites get their info from other sites, and hey, I always give credit. This time it's from a video (see below) that I got from this article from The Rock Dose, a great blog for the more mainstream rock.

But this video, from Letterman, shows the Irish band, The Answer, playing a single from their upcoming EP, "Never Too Late" (which is also on their debut album, "Rise"). Looking now at the information in front of me, I think that the site I got the video from is a little outdated. Reading from AllMusic, the EP "Never Too Late" was released in 2005, before their premier album, in 2006. So although I am a little behind with my discovery, I am also putting out the correct information, checking my sources. This makes me question other articles from The Rock Dose, gotta keep us all correctly informed man! (Unless of course they are re-releasing it within the States, in that case I take it all back, and I am an ass-hat)

Anyway, so after hearing the song on Letterman, I "acquired" the album and gave it a listen. The album, "Rise," seems to be straight from the 80's, from the AC/DC-esq straight-forward rock ("Under The Sky"), to the Deep Purple-infused Blues ("Memphis Water"), even including a power ballad as their last track ("Always"). When I picked up the album I was originally blown away, the first two tracks, "Under The Sky" and "Never Too Late," were amazing, upbeat rock-jams. Then it began to slow down as they added some blues into the mix. Not that the variation is a bad thing, but I was used to the fast paced beginning and was surprised when the songs got slower and slower as I continued. I was still bobbing my head along, however, until I got to the end of the disc. The final two songs, "Preachin'" and "Always," were just a boring way to end the, up to this point, strong album. Without changing the songs themselves, I would not have put these two together, and especially not at the end of the CD.

My favorite songs off of the album are (as already stated) "Under The Sky" and "Never Too Late." Their catchy riffs and quick lyrics are a nice mix.

Here is the video from The Answer on Letterman

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