Sunday, November 2, 2008

Epic Playlist: Beginnings

So I have this playlist, called my "Epic Playlist." It is a list of my favorite bands and the best song (in my opinion) they ever made, whether it be studio, live, or a cover. I was toying with the idea for a while before I actually made it. It ended up being about 160 songs. After having it for a few weeks, I realized that it wasn't complete. Apparently 160 songs is not enough awesome for a playlist to be called "Epic." So beginning today (and spanning to whenever I feel it is finished) I am expanding my list. I am going through every artist on my iTunes (there are 1105 of them) and choosing the best songs. So far I am on "G" and I currently have 212 songs, totalling a time of 16 hours 19 minutes and 44 seconds, and I am not done. I still have the rest of the alphabet to get through. Eventually I will finish this list (as best as I can) and will begin to list them all here. And of course there will periodical updates as I find new bands (or listen though all the bands I have now). So keep checking back

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