Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peter Steele Dead at 48

I woke up this morning to an email from a friend telling me Peter Steele, of the goth/doom metal band Type O Negative, was dead. I did not believe it until I googled it and saw the numerous news articles confirming the fact. This is a sad day for those who reside in the land of Metaldom. I love Type O Negative, both their albums and their live shows. I was really hoping to catch them live again, but now without the booming voice of Steele, there is really little point.

I saw the band a few years ago when they toured with Celtic Frost for support for their latest (and one of the best) album, Dead Again. It show was great, we all chanted "You Suck!!" as loud as we could, and because the show was half empty (the show wasn't advertised well), I was in the front row for the entirety of the concert. It was an amazing performance by an amazing band, and I will miss seeing them again.

Of course Peter Steele was reported dead in 2005, so this all might blow over. You never know.... I know I'll be praying.