Friday, April 23, 2010

New Band: Droids Attack

Droids Attack is a stoner rock/metal group that I recently discovered. What enticed me to the group (and moved them to the head of my listening schedule) was the name ans album art. In my mind the robot revolution is a sure thing that we march towards day after day, so a group named such pops out to my eye.

I went through the bands discography - three albums - in two days, and I have varying views of the band, depending on which album is playing. Their first album, All Your Chicks Are Belong to Us, is a sonic blend between Clutch and Beaver. As some of you may know, Clutch is my favorite band, and I really don't like Beaver, so this was a confusing album. A couple of songs were decent, but there was too much hectic guitar work and growled vocals for my taste. If I had not already acquired the other two releases from the band, I might have stopped here. But I struggled on.

The next album I listened to was their third album (don't ask me why), Must Destroy, and I was very impressed. This latest effort was very different from their debut album. It was funky, it was groovy, it was reminiscent of the Blast Tyrant days of Clutch, with a little more blues ala Five Horse Johnson. Almost all of the songs were very good, with only a couple that fell below the mark. But compared to All Your Chicks Are Belong to Us, every song was a keeper. Hearing this I was excited to listen to their sophomore effort, to see (or rather hear) how the change came about. To move from a sludgy-stoner band to a straight stoner-blues rock group.
Well their second album, Fatal/Error, truly bridged that gap. It was a mix of the two disciples, almost completely 50/50. Out of the eight tracks, half of them were of either style. It really gave a great impression of where the band was headed (although I had already seen the future). I do want to note, that this was the album artwork-wise that made me want to listen to this group. A droid sneaking up on a pilot, with knife in hand and blood on chest. It gives me chills. I will never trust my toaster with a knife again!

Overall, if you like Beaver or early Alabama Thunderpussy, then the albums All Your Chicks Are Belong to Us and Fatal/Error are more up your alley. But if you're more like me and you like the more funk/bluesy side of rock then I suggest the newest release, Must Destroy. But either way I recommend Droids Attack, if only to bring to light the impending robotic takeover. These guys are doing their part, are you?

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