Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Band: Meshuggah - Not For Me

So I have several friends that listen to the harsher of the metal genres, new wave of American heavy metal (NWOAHM), death metal, black metal and extreme/experimental, and they are always trying to get me to go to some show or listen to some band. And, as my tastes have changed over the past year, with a shift to the more aggressive, more brutal genres (thank viking/folk metal for that), I decided to give some of them a try,
Now, I have no problem with most NWOAHM bands, sometimes the screaming becomes a little much, but I can handle that, I can enjoy it. I like Zimmer's Hole, Mudvayne, Mushroomhead (even if you don't think they qualify), and others.
Same with black metal, sometimes it gets to screechy, and the overt anti-religion values get to me on occasion (I'm not religious, but everyone has their line). But once again, I can take it. Some I don't mind are Mercyful Fate and King Diamond (alot less then NWOAHM), cuz when I want to learn about a new genre, I start with the best.
One genre I haven't been able to get into has been death metal. I really don't like the guttural, un-understandable lyrics. But once again I'm trying to give some a shot. I had a friend point out Amon Amarth to me, and after hearing a few of their songs, I really didn't mind it too much. I have every intention of picking up an album and giving it a solid listen. More on that when I get around to it.
But anyway, back on what this article is really about - Meshuggah. I believe these guys fall somewhere on the avant-garde experimental death something-or-another progressive metal list. I don't know, I couldn't handle it. The album I listened to was their newer one (I'm not sure if the new one is out yet), obZen. I like the drumming throughout, but it was over shadowed by the wailing guitars, which never seemed to have a point, and the screeched lyrics. I listened to the entire album, to try to get a solid feel, and I don't think I caught one word until the second to last song, where they have a slower section. I started out thinking that it wasn't too bad, that maybe I could listen to it, but by the third song I was done. I still finished the album, but I was barely listening, only checking into my iTunes to see how many songs were left on the disc.
So while I'm not saying that it's a bad band/album (I don't have the experience with this genre to make a decent opinion), I am saying that I will never listen to it again, and I'm not sure what to do with the other two albums I have...

So let me know your taste on Meshuggah, or any bands that I might enjoy that are "avant-garde experimental death something-or-another progressive metal." I'd like to find one I can stand.

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