Sunday, February 22, 2009

Radio Show

This past Wednesday I started my weekly web radio show, "New Rock/Old Rock." A show dedicated to playing what should be on the radio, but isn't. This show was one where I worked out the kinks and figured out what I was really going to be doing. The next one should go off without a hitch.

The show is every Wednesday from 10p-12a US Eastern Standard Time. There is an opening for the show from 8p-10p too, so I am trying to acquire that time slot as well. The show is on music within the rock community (as if you couldn't guess), and focuses on hard rock and metal.
Each week I'll post the track listing and any special guests, so keep checking.

And if you want, you can listen here!

Because of this show, school work, fraternity stuff, and the blossoming of a relationship, I have been quite consumed away from the Internet. I will attempt to rectify this, this week (I have a couple days of free time).

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