Saturday, February 14, 2009

No Iron Maiden For Me

I was hoping to write this post about how elated I was to be going to see the best god-damned band in the world - Iron Maiden - but alas, it is not to be. It's not because I couldn't get tickets, I was on tickemaster at 11:58pm when they were to go on sale (they didn't actually go on sale till 12:08am, which brought it's own share of heart pounding), and I got some decent seated tickets. So I put in my information and proceeded to check out with my two Iron Maiden tickets, at their ONLY U.S. stop on their tour, very happy with myself. It was then I saw the over all totall - $146!!
Needless to say, this was a shock. Looking back at my purchase the tickets were $54 and change, which I was fine with, then there was the ticketmaster fee, the location fee, tax, and elivery fee, bringing them to over 70 bucks a pop. Well I double checked with the guy I was going with, to make sure that the price was ok. He had a hard time scrounging together the $60 he thought he needed. Now it was closer to $80, and after the cost of gas and food and crap, over $100 a person. He couldn't handle that, and while I could, it would have made my life difficult for some time. So we both agreed to catch them next time, something I've been saying for at least 8 years...
So, while this begins as a rant about failing at seeing Iron Maiden, it now becomes a rant about outrageous ticket prices and the bullshit hidden charges for ticketmaster and the like. I'm not going to invest too much time, because we all know about this crap, but sometimes it needs to be said. I get that ticket prices are expensive, I do, I don't like it, but it's a business. I also see hoe tickemaster has to put charges in their products. But there is no need for these to be hidden. They should be in the price from the get-go. And the venue itself shouldn't have their own charges. We are already paying to go there, and for parking, and for food, and for whatever else. This is just another bit of gouging the consumer that shouldn't be, expecially in today's rocky economic environment.
Alright that is it. That's my rant, I'm satisfied. I'm still not going to see Iron Maiden....unless someone out there likes my rant and wants to invite me along? I'll pay for gas and food, or just your ticket, whichever you'd like.



Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

cool page banner, dude

I feel your pain, although the past five years I've been quite fortunate to only having to pay for about three shows. Bless the folks who give me credentials to the concerts. I finally managed to see Maiden last summer courtesy of an old co-worker with an extra ticket and he didn't charge me, so bless him as well.

I had the privilege to photograph Maiden on the Life and Death tour from against the stage, one of the biggest thrills of my life, but the venue dicked myself and the other photogs over and "lost" our tickets for the remainder of the show. Bittersweet, I should say. My pics are worth it, though.

Hang in there, bro. They said NASCAR dropped its prices today because of the economy and no one could afford the tickets. Other sports venues have reported dropped attendence and are considering dropping prices. These greedy concert promoters are going to have no choice but to do the same.

The Klepto said...

Well I am jealous about you getting some free tickets to awesome shows. You wouldn't happen to know how I get onto that list would you?

And I hope that the prices start dropping soon. The Ozzfest Freefest was a good deal, and I've been seeing alot of bigger named bands hitting it up in smaller venues recently. So there is that as well.

Heidi said...

Correction: It's their only southeast US tour date.

Hey man, if you can get your ticket, you can bum a ride with me. I still have seats open.

Jesse's dad is amazing -- he got us our tickets, section 404. I hope you still manage to make it; who knows how much longer they'll be touring for us!

The Klepto said...

I had tickets in 101, I just can't handle the cost right now. I really want to go. Kill someone and take their ticket