Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Band: End of Level Boss

Yet another band that tempted me because of a catchy name (hint hint to you new bands out there), End of Level Boss is another stoner rock/metal band (it's so hard to make the distinction nowadays), also with a hint of doom, to come out within the past decade. So far they've released two albums, Prologue and Inside The Difference Engine, but honestly both releases are pretty dull.

The first track ("Freakwaves") from Prologue (their first LP) was pretty damn good - reminding me of the latest Droids Attack (read more) or mid-career Clutch - kind of funky, but still with the hard rock/metal edge. Every track following that, even moving to their second release, Inside The Difference Engine, was pretty lackluster and kind of boring. It seems to me that this band has no hope to be something different, instead it falls on same-old paths and once-tread styles to get it's point across. It's not quite doom but not quite stoner, which would seem like something new, but it is not so.

I honestly don't know how to equate End of Level Boss to another band. They play hard/stoner rock music, which  (if you're a fan of the genre) you've heard several times before. The only hope for this review, is that I haven't finished their second CD at the time of this posting. If there is anything of merit worth reporting, I'll make sure to add it as soon as I can. But as it seems to me right now, there will be no great epiphany at the end of this sonic rainbow.


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