Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scorpions - Moment of Glory

Another retrospective review within my favorite genre, Orchestral Rock.

(The) Scorpions, formed in Germany known for their singles such as Rock You Like a Hurricane and No One Like You.  For this album they come together with the legendary Berlin Philharmonic to give you a pretty decent album.

One thing you may notice is that they might sound a little out of tune compared to other bands/orchestras.  In Europe, they tune slightly higher than their counterparts across the big lake.
The first four songs are well orchestrated.  The balance between the orchestra and the band is superb; good intro by orchestra then they back off when the band comes in and then they (orchestra) just provides "background" chords and filler music.

Tracks 5 and 6 are purely instrumental.  Track 5 is mostly the orchestra which demonstrates their extreme technical ability; basically guitar shredding on oboes, flutes, bassoons and marimba with the band providing the chords and rhythm.  Track 6 starts out with a few same ideas presented in track 5 but suddenly distorted guitar comes in and takes you on a thrill ride of riffs and shredding both in the guitar and orchestra.

The last 4 tracks are pretty good as well. The biggest downfall for this album would be Here in my Heart and Lady Starlight.  They are just a little too light for a heavy metal/hard rock band.  Big City Nights delivers as always.  I would have to say the best song on the CD is Still Loving You.  Call me a sucker for a good power ballad but this track has all the components of a great song.  Good light intro, a few instrumental breaks in the beginning, slowly builds in volume and the number of instruments added.  At the climax of the song there is this huge "fat" sound from the orchestra underneath the band, which I have to say is my favorite part about this genre of music.  I would put this album at a solid 8 of 10.

Track Listing
1. Hurricane 2000
2. Moment of Glory
3. Send Me an Angel
4. Wind of Change
5. Crossfire (Instrumental)
6. Deadly Sting Suite (Instrumental)
7. Here in My Heart
8. Still Loving You
9. Big City Nights
10. Lady Starlight

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