Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Genre Added - Orchestral Rock

I wanted to familiarize the readers of this blog with a Genre that hasn't been previously established on this site.  Orchestral Rock.  Basically it is a rock band with an orchestra behind it.

Some artists that have done this include but not limited to:

Elton John
Dimmu Borgir

I have reviewed Metallica's "S&"M and Scorpions' "Moment of Glory".  Hopefully I will be able to review Kiss's album specifically, and any other I come across in this genre.  If you know of any that I have missed or have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

-The Pyro


Hell's Wrath said...

I don't want to bribe or something but I recently read that the first band that did a orchestral kinda thing with their rock songs was....

Maybe a good quizquestion!


Allthough I haven't checked guiness book of records for this.
Just to let you know!

The Klepto said...

Well 'Wrath' maybe you are correct about the Manowar thing, but they definitely didn't release an album with symphonic influence. They're one of my favorite bands, so reading about this I was surprised. But I can find nothing to verify this claim.
Manowar does hold the record for being the loudest band ever, twice (they beat their own record), but that is the only bit of crazy trivia I know of.
Thanks for reading and commenting