Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Band: Sunstorm

Sunstorm is a new supergroup project by some heavy names in the industry. I discovered this project looking through the album lists on the blog The Metal Minute. You see, ever week Ray Van Horn, Jr. compiles his list of albums listened to and posts them as Whattya Listenin' to Wednesdays (I did not steal his idea, we had it independently), he also gets alot of other people to post what they have been listening to as well. Every week I post my list and look through all the others posted and if any bands tickle my fancy, I look them up. Anyway, this past week I saw one of the posters had listened to Sunstorm, and hearing the cool name I looked them up.

Judging from the line-up I was looking forward to a great album, but I was sorely disappointed. If you like the rock-ballad days of the hair-metal 80's then you will love Sunstorm. Every song off of their debut recording was a slow, lovey-dovey song, sounding as if it belonged in a romantic comedy. Not my bag in the least. I couldn't even finish the album, it was just too dull. I also had their newest release, House of Dreams, but I got rid of it after listening to the first album (need to save space for good music).

Again, if you like 80's power-ballads, if you think The Police are the iconic rock band, then you will probably enjoy Sunstorm. If you were expecting a bona-fide hard rock smash, befitting the greats in the industry, you will be sorely mistaken.

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