Friday, October 8, 2010

Awesome Artwork: Iron Maiden - Running Free Single

I could go on and on about Iron Maiden and their amazing artwork. Eddie is the real deal, the band logo that is almost as famous as the group he represents. He has been located somewhere on almost every Iron Maiden release; LP, EP, single or otherwise (even a video game!), from the band's formation. His look has changed over the decades, for better or worse its for you to decide, but he has always been Eddie.

I was bouncing across the internet and I came upon a website that hosted (almost) all of the various picture of Eddie. I had seen most of these versions before (mostly album covers), but the artwork for the "Running Free" single caught my eye instantly.

This artwork is amazing because it both tells a story, and it causes the viewer to ask many questions. The protagonist (??) of the picture is fleeing a dark figure, in a not-so-deserted alleyway. Little does he know that he is running into the arms of another supposed assailant. The questions that arise; who is he running from? Why is he running? Who is he running unwittingly too? Is this new figure a friend or opponent (my money's on opponent)? It's simply mind boggling.
The artwork itself is very simple. It's close to a black-and-white picture, except in this case it seems the white has been switched out for shades of brown. Not much in color, and not overly detailed. It is certain that your focus is supposed to be on the man running to his assumed doom.
It's a nice collection of thoughts and feeling wrapped in a simple package. Totally worthy of the legacy of Iron Maiden that this first single would create. Plus the song is awesome as well, one of my favorites from the early years.

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