Monday, March 8, 2010

New Album: Airbourne - No Guts. No Glory.

I don't know what it is about Airbourne, but I love them. Their songs are simple, both in music and lyrics, most of it sounds the same, and the guy can't 'sing' worth a crap. But they wail! If this was the 80's these guys would be huge. They play a stadium-rock reminiscent of AC/DC or Kiss - simple sing-a-long lyrics for the working man. Their songs are about girls, fighting and booze, stuff you can stand behind. Their second release, No Guts. No Glory. follows suit.
There isn't a lot to say about this album that wasn't said above, like their first release, Runnin' Wild, songs are short and sweet, with a focus on the chorus and the guitar solos behind the lyrics. Reading this you'd think they were some cookie-cutter group, and if this was 1985 that might be the case, but it's 2010 and stadium-rock is in short supply, so Airbourne has found their niche. Listening to any of their albums, you can't help but bob your head along, and by the end of any song, odds are you've already memorized half of the lyrics (if you can understand what the singer is saying that is).
So I guess what I'm saying is, if you love the golden-era of Brian Johnson AC/DC (Back In Black era) they you will love Airbourne. And for anyone from my generation, who didn't grow up with this style (well I did, but not everyone has a father that blasts Bon Scott while driving his son to school), this is something new for you to sink your teeth into.

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