Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Current Trend: May To March

A long time ago, I was putting out a monthly article about what style was making up the majority of what I was listening to. During my shitty summer, I fell off that wagon, and I think it's time to get back with it. This one will be a short re-hashing of the past nine months, to get us back to the current age. Nothing too in-depth or long, just an overview:

Ok, so the trends I have been going through have been back-and-forth between Funk and Stoner, with the occasional Progressive strewn in. I have really been sticking with these three genres for the majority of the past year. Parliament, Funkadelic and Sly and The Family Stone are some of the best music from the 70's I've had the pleasure to bear witness.

After discovering Stoner in April/May of last year, it has dominated my playlist, for the first time not being the majority of my music lists in February. Clutch is still my favorite, but I have added Blind Dog, sHEAVY, Black NASA, Fireball Ministry (can't wait for their new album), Hermano, Monster Magnet, The Atomic Bitchwax, and Five Horse Johnson, to my library and they have dominated (just to name a few). And although these groups have been getting less airtime as of late, they still get their due, and I am sure they will re-surge to the foreground.

The last bit of music that has been continuously popping up throughout the year is the progressive persuasion. Something about crazy time-signatures, long story-driven songs, and epic lyrics pulls me in. Pink Floyd will always be special to me, as will Dream Theater's album, Scenes From A Memory, the album I listen to more then any other. Rush, Baroness, 3, Bigelf, ELP, Queen, Uriah Heep, and Frank Zappa are all amazing.

So that is nine months worth of music in a nutshell. Their, of course, has been lots of other music, other genres, other trends, but they have all been smaller then these three. This month I'm big into Folk/Celtic Rock. But that's for another article.

*I'm not linking all of these bands, look this crap up if you want to know more. Wikipedia is there for a reason.

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