Friday, September 25, 2009

New Band: Baroness - Out of My Comfort Zone

If anyone was to look through all my music I listen to, and all of my posts on here, there would be certain patterns emerging with what sounds I enjoy: I like mostly melodic music of a heavy variety. There are a few thrash bands that make the cut, but it is mostly genres like power, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, doom/sludge, and - most recently - stoner. I have never been a fan of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, it's just too screamy, which also leaves out anything with -core on it. But one band that is an odd screaming band (but not NWOAHM or hardcore) that I really enjoy is Baroness.

I'm not sure what genre to put them into. Their songs are often long and slow, which would make them doom, but they also have fast passages within most songs, which moves them closer to sludge, but alot of times the key signatures vary over and over within the same song, adding that progressive element. The lead singer is almost always shouting his lyrics (which makes it damn hard to understand), a little NWOAHM influence, and there is the slight sound of stoner within the music. So, in this paragraph alone they've jumped through five genres. The closest grouping that I can find that makes sense for these guys is to be a part of post-metal, but they are more melodic and structured then other post-metal bands I've heard (Pelican, or The Ocean Collective), so even that is fishy. They truely are an inigma.

So far Baroness has released two EPs (subtly named 'First' and 'Second') and will soon release their second full-length album, Blue Record, after their debut release Red Album. As you can see, their naming scheme is based in simplicity, and I like it. I hope they keep it up for future releases.

Due to their really eclectic sound, it is too difficult to review each of their releases, so I have decided to make this a double post and add a video to it as well. This is off of Baroness' Red Album, and is called "Wanderlust"

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