Friday, January 9, 2009

Current Trend: Soft Rock/Piano Music

For some reason, as always unknown to me, I have been venturing away from heavy metal and into a softer rock-style of music. My recent playlists have been dominated by piano music like Elton John, Billy Joel and James Blunt, and softer rock like The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I still have some heavier stuff in there, like Henry Rollins, or Destroy Destroy Destroy, but not nearly as much as normal.
As I said I don't know why. It started with me listening to music late at night (2am) and not wanting anything too adrenaline-pounding that late. So it began with Billy Joel and Elton John, but then eventually it went into a tailspin of soft rock. It's just nice to ease out of a rough day with some loose, calming music.
I'm not sure how long this will continue, so maybe there will be a change or a continuation, only time will tell...

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