Monday, October 27, 2008

Rant: The Un-Written Rule of Rock/Metal Concerts

Ok, so I was strolling through my random blogs that I read, and I came across an interesting article: "Has The Unwritten Law of Concerts Been Abolished?" from Now, my intent is not to totally steal this article, but to add to it (and plus I'm crediting it, so it can't be all that bad can it?).
For those who don't know (including most of my friends apparently), this un-written rule we speak of is this: when you go to a concert you cannot wear a shirt with the band you are about to see on it. This is the basic rule, my own add-on (which is how it was explained to me at my first metal show) is that the only exception is if you are wearing a tour-tee (that is one of those shirts with the lists of tour stops, either current or from past years) or it is a shirt that you've bought at that very show (so you don't have to worry about keeping it in your car or pocket). Another un-written rule I have always followed (maybe less known, I don't know), is that you can't listen to the band(s) you are about to see either directly before or after the show. And an obvious exception to this, is if you are travelling a long distance, at least over three hours, I can't expect anyone to avoid their favorite music for that long. But if you are all just packing into your mom's minivan for a thirty minute "adventure," then that radio better be on something else.
Now I thought these were universal rules, for all genres. But after hanging out with my friends who are not into metal, or who are into softer rock (I don't know how we are friends), when I brought up these rules, I received nothing but blank stares. After trying to teach them these important rules (unsuccessfully), I was surprised to find that my metal friend, who was in the car, also hadn't heard of these rules! I was shocked, how no one had taught him these things, I'll never know.
I tried teaching these, non-believers, but the damage was already done. When you are young and going to shows, you rely on those older than you to show you the way. Then at a certain age you think you get all that needs to be learnt, and at that point you are done paying attention. That is where I was with these gentlemen, they had been to many-a-concert and knew all that was needed. Oddly enough the only female that was with us, absolutely agreed with these rules, and she isn't into anything heavy either. Maybe it was because she doesn't really go to shows, or maybe she is just into me, we'll never know for sure. But regardless, people need to teach their friends these rules.
And now, after reading MetalMartyr, it has come to may attention that even the bands on stage, are wearing their own logo'd shirts. Why would you need to advertise yourself? Everyone is already there to see you, and you have that huge banner behind you to remind them who you are. There is not need for the added advertisement. Unless of course, you are so caught up with yourself that you think everyone deserves to know who you are and what you do at all times. If that's the case, you need to be smashing those heads into the ground after your shows, not your guitars. You are damaging the better equipment, cut it out!

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