Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Post

Ok so here it is, my short preamble to this blog that will make you not scoff and walk away while I work on adding more: Welcome to The Klepto's Guide to Awesome Music, your one stop shop for all things awesome involved with music. From reviews of bands/albums/live shows, to anything nifty I find on the web.
This blog is created out of the ashes of my previous site, the short-lived wiki Musicpedia. I realized that my last project was too vast, and to impersonal, and (because I haven't updated it in a good four months) so some friends and I decided to create our own, stand-alone site, devoted to music set up in a blog format. After several months, I am the only one who has worked on anything, and seeing as I believe that this trend will continue, I am going to start putting the articles I have worked on, onto this site. If the stand-alone music blog ends up working out, I will move everything from here over. But seeing as I doubt that very much, this will be my creative outlet.
This site (if you haven't noticed) is devoted to all things music. And even though my music tastes are eclectic, this site will be mostly devoted to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock and the many different sub-genres that are associated with both. Although that does not mean that if I get the urge to write a piece on Billy Joel or The London Philharmonic I won't (those will just be few and far between).
So I ask you to be patient, and come back frequently, as I have a dozen articles that are on paper that I will be transcribing to type. It will only take time, something that I seem to be short on of late...

Currently listening to: Ayreon - The Decision Tree (We're Alive)

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