Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tour Dates: Snot Releases New Song and Upcoming Tour Dates

So for those that don't know, Snot is a short lived metal band that folded after one album due to the death of their lead singer (not the usual music death, he was hit by a drunk driver with his parents). After his death they called it quits and released a live album and a tribute album of sorts, but it was not nearly the same.
Now, after almost a decade, the remaining members paired up with Tommy Cummings (former Divine Heresy singer) for a new tour, and are planning on releasing new material, with a new album due out sometime next summer.
They have put their first single, "The Band Plays On," on their MySpace. The song isn't bad, but it is not the Snot I know and love. It is a different sound but that is to be expected, so take a listen and see for yourself. When the new album comes out we will have to see what the final picture looks like.

Snot Headlining Shows:

Aug. 23 - Salt Lake City, UT - Club Vegas
Oct. 10 - West Hollywood, CA - Key Club

Snot Supporting Devildriver:

Oct. 14 - Bakersfield, CA - The Dome
Oct. 15 - San Francisco, CA - Slim’s
Oct. 17 - Portland, OR - Roseland Grill
Oct. 18 - Vancouver, BC - Red Room
Oct. 19 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
Oct. 20 - Spokane, WA - The Big Easy
Oct. 21 - Boise, ID - The Big Easy
Oct. 22 - Salt Lake City, UT - Club Vegas
Oct. 23 - Las Vegas, NV - Jillian’s
Oct. 24 - Pomona, CA - The Glass House
Oct. 25 - San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick
Oct. 26 - San Diego, CA - Brick By Brick

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