Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Band: Witch

I've been listening to a lot of new music within the past week, all found by my new favorite site for stoner/doom metal StonerRobixxx, a frequently-posted site in which I have discovered at least thirty-six stoner, doom and psychedelic bands within the past week. I now have the daunting task of going through it all, and separate the good from the crap and then the great from the good. I'm through my second this is going to take forever.

I am currently listening to the end of the self-titled Witch album, and I (for some reason) already listened to their sophomore effort, Paralyzed, earlier in the day. Witch combines the stoner/doom/sludge sound with a drudging guitar and a collection of eerie vocals. Although the voice is masculine (maybe), I can believe that this is a witch croneing on, casting spells and the like.

I have noticed a rather large change from their debut effort to their second release. The self-titled is a continuing sound of what is described above; long songs of slow passages mixed with upbeat guitar work, and the creepy lyrics are strewn throughout. Their second release seems to be influenced by classic punk rock; the vocals, although still eerie, are quick and the music has a certain sound to it, something that for some reason reminds me of the more acid influenced sounds of The Beatles (for whatever reason), much more 'pop' then their first album. It's an interesting change to say the least.
Not to say that Paralyzed is a bad album, it's a solid effort and holds two or three above-par songs (the song that got me interested in the band, "Sweet Sue," is pretty damn good), but the Witch album is by far the best of the two. It holds it's sound much more consistently, but not to a repetitive stand point.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: if you like category of stoner/doom metal, and wouldn't mind hearing something with a different twist, check out Witch's debut effort, and if you like that check out their second album, Paralyzed. It may surprise you.

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