Friday, October 2, 2009

Awesome Websites: Blind Dog's Final Album Available For Free

One of my favorite stoner rock/metal bands, focusing on the psychedelic brand of stoner, is Blind Dog. I really like their mix of droning vocals and guitars, and long passages of music. I am currently re-listening (except for the new album, which will be a first-time for me) to their entire discography (only three albums), and I am enjoying it more now then the first time.
I was rooting through the net looking for some info on Blind Dog, as Wikipedia doesn't have a page for them (yet) and allmusic has barely anything, and I stumbled upon their official website (I know, shocking). On the front page there is a series of links leading to a download page of their last and unreleased album, Captain Dog Logs Out (download link). It's all in very high quality, the website says CD quality and I believe it, at around 30mb a song (up from the 5mb size average downloaded songs are), and is available as a torrent or from MediaFire, so that's a plus.

I just finished downloading the album, and after I finish the band's other two works, Last Adventures Of Captain Dog and Captain Dog Rides Again, I'll get right to it.

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