Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why Is Awesome

I forgot to bring my iPod to school yesterday, which means that I have 7 hours without music, and went slightly insane. But for at least 2 hours I was on a computer so I signed into my account (add me) and cycled through my "Recommendations" playlist. Now for those who don't have a - get one - after you've listened to a bunch of music from your library, it will make a "Recommendations" playlist, music that you haven't heard, but that is close to the music you do listen to on a daily basis. It's a great way to find new bands that you will like, and alot of times you find side projects of bands you love that you didn't know existed. In this 2 hour session I made a list of artists to research and "acquire," most of which I didn't know about at all.

The Company Band (side project of Clutch frontman Neil Fallon)
Circus Maximus
Fair To Midland (Which apparently, looking through my iTunes, I already have their album)
Shadow Gallery
Blood or Whiskey
The Real McKenzies (I had heard of these guys before, but never any of their music)

Most of these are progressive metal, with the last 2 being Cletic Punk. There was also alot of folk metal/viking metal that came up on the playlist, but I either didn't like it, or I already had heard of them.

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Heidi said...

Make sure you check out Crimson Valkyrie's new page while you're there!